Box Tops For Education

At the end of the 2016-2017 school year, we were #1 in our area, #3 in Kentucky, and #69 in the USA (out of 96,566 schools)! We earned $5,944.00 during the last calendar school year.

Our school’s lifetime BTFE earnings to date are now $31,645.78.

Starting Monday, August 21, we will collect box tops every school day morning, and we want to do even better this school year.

Here’s how you can help

  • Buy any of the many products that have box tops on them
  • Look for bonus box tops
  • Download the Box Tops APP on your smart phone
  • Collect and send the box tops to school with your student(s), but don’t save them long. They do expire.
  • Logon on to and sign up for Stonewall. Enter the many contests to win bonus box tops.
  • Walmart Special Offer: Buy 5 participating Box Tops products with one transaction at Walmart through August 31, 2017, scan your receipt on the Box Tops for Education iPhone / Android App and EARN 50 BONUS TOPS! (50 tops = $5 for our school!)
    • (Create an account on and become a member of (Create an account on and become a member of ‘Stonewall’ for the points to be credited to us) ‘Stonewall’ for the points to be credited to us)

When your student brings in 10 box tops on a sheet of paper, in a baggie, or in an envelope, they’ll get to pick things from the three Treasure Boxes. (Student that were here last year know exactly how that works. Just ask them!)

We will have contests throughout the school year and the “winners” will get something “special”. Each month, the class with the most box tops turned in will get a “party” for their classroom. It gets exciting!

As always, thanks for everything you do to help make our PTA programs a huge success. Box Tops really do bring in a lot of money for our school!

Bruce Moore
PTA Box Tops Coordinator