Programs & Events

Back To School Bash
Students get a chance to meet their teacher, explore the school and purchase Stonewall Spirit wear!  PTA provides a light supper of pizza, chips and water for the entire family.

Boo Hoo Breakfast
This is an event on the morning of the first day of school for families of Kindergartners and new to Stonewall parents.  PTA provides a light breakfast, conversation and lots of tissues!

Kentucky Kids Day
This event was created by Kentucky PTA to celebrate our wonderful students! Stonewall PTA provides KONA ice to the entire school.

Walk to School Day
This event encourages activity and healthy living by getting kids moving! Stonewall PTA provides treats to students who walk all or part of the way to school that morning.

October 20, 2017 Sprout-A-Thon

Literacy Night
Stonewall teachers come together one evening to read stories in small groups to our students. Every student who attends receives a free book! PTA provides light refreshments.

Champs Night
Stonewall PTA rents out the entire Champs roller rink for Stonewall students and their families. Entrance fee is $1 and skate rental is $1. No drop offs, please.

Science Fair
Third, fourth and fifth grade students are invited to design, execute and present individual (or paired) science projects. Winners will advance to the district level. PTA organizes the judging and sponsors the awards ceremony.

Movie Night
Stonewall students and their families are invited to enjoy a free family flick in the gym. Popcorn and water are provided by the PTA.

Arts Night
PTA invites families to experience the arts, in a hands on way. Community artists are invited to show their talents to our student body (includes visual art, dance, music, and drama). PTA provides a light supper of pizza/chips/water for $1.

Science Night
PTA invites families to experience science, in a hands on way. Individuals and groups from all areas of science (biology, chemistry, engineering, etc.) present information, as well as give students opportunities to experiment. PTA provides a light supper of pizza/chips/water for $1.

Talent Show
PTA sponsors a talent show, to showcase our amazing students!

Field Day
PTA and Stonewall staff work in partnership to provide a day of fun outdoor activity to our students.