Stonewall Students "Sprout" To Success!

A Note From Fundraising Chair, Whitney Baxter

Stonewall Students "Sprout" To Success!I would like to thank our students, families, and community for coming together to not only reach our goal, but EXCEED it by a TON!! Because of your efforts, we are finished with fundraising for the year! We will continue to have monthly Spirit Nights (just because they’re FUN!) for the remainder of the school year. We will also continue to re-ceive support through Kroger Plus Cards, Amazon Smile, and Box Tops. We now have sufficient funds to fund our yearly PTA budget that supports all of our activities for the year and to buy a complete classroom set of Chromebooks! This is in addition to the $10,000 the PTA gave the school for Chromebooks in August. We are well on our way to achieving the goal of one Chromebook per student.





Stonewall Students "Sprout" To Success!Just in case you didn’t hear from your kids, the Sprout-a-thon was a success as well. The children rotated through sta-tions provided by Bluegrass Racquet Club, Tiger Kim’s Taekwondo, The Yard, Hoop Dreams, Legacy Gymnastics, L’Escalade, Mathnasium, Sky Zone, Granola Culture, and ID3 Soccer. We ended the day with a fun Pep Rally where we gave away a few of our prizes. The remainder of the prizes will be distributed by the first week in November. Thanks again for all your support!




Stonewall Students "Sprout" To Success!Stonewall Students "Sprout" To Success!Stonewall Students "Sprout" To Success!